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3 Ways Collectible Christmas Ornaments Track The Year Of Release

Keith Hunt

Every year, companies release large collections of new holiday ornaments. If you like to collect and display the ornaments each year, you may want to keep track of the ornaments and remember when each came out. The yearly release date can help you keep a checklist of ornaments and help ensure you don't purchase repeat options.

As you collect Christmas ornaments, you will find three different ways to track the year of release right from the ornament itself. Check out the tracking methods and what to look for when you shop for ornaments or organize your collection.

1. Ornament Boxes

These boxes typically showcase detailed images of the ornaments. On the top of each box, you will find the release year printed in foil letters. Ideally, you will want to keep your original ornament boxes. After each holiday season, you can store the ornament back in its original box and easily track the year on top. The original box can also help prevent any damage or wear due to extra exposure.

2. Ornament Designs

A lot of Christmas ornaments will feature yearly designs built right into the ornament. For example, you could purchase a picture frame ornament with the year 2022 printed on the frame. Other designs may just feature small charms that showcase the year.

When the year is built into the display of the ornament, you will have the easiest time figuring out when the ornament came from. Ornaments with the years built into the design allow you to naturally build collections. For example, you may seek a special snowman ornament for each year and can purchase ones with the years in the design.

3. Ornament Copyrights

If you are really unsure of the year of release, check the back or bottom of a collectible ornament. In most cases, you will find the copyright date of the ornament printed on the design. The copyright date will most likely just list the year the ornament was manufactured. In some cases, you could find a copyright date in roman numerals.

For example, a roman number copyright for the year 2022 would read as "MMXXII". Many Roman numeral translators online can help you quickly figure out the year if you're unsure.

Check out your collection and organize everything by year to keep track of your favorite holiday ornaments. For more information, visit a store that sells ornament collectibles—such as Hallmark Ornament Collectibles.


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