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Four Ways Kids Can Use Big Foam Blocks

Keith Hunt

Little children are cute, creative, and full of energy. If you're a parent or any kind of caretaker of children, it can be exhausting to come up with endless ways to keep them occupied. And they don't just need entertainment, they also need to be learning and playing in ways that help their brain development. If you need something new, big foam blocks can be used in all sorts of ways. Here are just four:

1. Imaginative Play

There truly is no end to the ways big foam blocks can be used in imaginative play. Children can pretend to be construction workers building with bricks. They can use the blocks to build a castle for princesses, knights, and wizards to live in, a house for dolls, a pirate ship, a fort that will be their new clubhouse, or a number of other things. Imaginative play is crucial for children, since it allows them to develop social and emotional skills by experimenting with different roles, and it has many other benefits as well. Big foam blocks can help encourage this kind of play. 

2. Destructive Play

Even though destructive play sounds like a negative thing, it's very important for children! Taking things apart, dropping toys, and knocking block towers down has so many benefits for developing minds, including learning about cause and effect, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem-solving, and more. Big foam blocks are a perfect way to let children engage in this type of play. You can help your child build a super tall tower and knock it down without worrying about hard edges hitting them on the way down. They can drop the blocks without breaking them. There are many possibilities for engaging a child in destructive play with these blocks.

3. Play-based Learning

As they grow, children will need to learn about the world, including colors, shapes, and sizes. Why not make this kind of learning fun by turning it into a game? Depending on the kind of foam blocks you get, you could have many different colors, shapes, and sizes. You can play games with your child to teach them. Ask them to line them up from biggest to smallest or challenge them to build a tower with only the yellow blocks. You can help your child sort the blocks into groups of shapes and count how many are in each group. Big foam blocks can help you teach your child while they play.

4. Creative Crafts

Some foam blocks could even make a great material for crafting, which will encourage your child to be creative. With some stickers, a couple of white foam blocks could be stacked and turned into a snowman. Little black dots painted on a foam cube could make a giant set of dice that you can use in games. With some glue, pipe cleaners, and flat foam stickers in different shapes and colors you could even create little animals to play with. Big foam blocks are great for fostering creativity in children. 

There are so many ways that children can play with and benefit from having big foam blocks to play with! Check out some toy stores or craft stores near you to find the perfect set for your child.

For more information on big foam blocks, contact a company near you.


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