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How To Use Scrap Gold In Your Crafting Projects

Keith Hunt

If you are a crafter, you might always be on the lookout for new items that you can use to upgrade your projects. You might not have started using scrap gold when crafting, though, since you might assume it's too expensive. Luckily, you can buy scrap gold pretty affordably, and you can use it in your craft projects in the following ways and more.

Add It to Fancy Desserts

You might already use colorful frostings, shimmering sprinkles, and other decorative accents to make your cupcakes and other desserts really shine. You might have never thought about using scrap gold on your fancy desserts, but this can be a great way to take them up a notch. Basically, you can purchase gold flakes that can be sprinkled on top of cakes and other desserts. Just make sure that you purchase gold flakes that are advertised as being safe for consumption.

Make Jewelry

If you are interested in making jewelry, you may want to purchase scrap gold pieces that have been sourced from broken or tarnished jewelry. In many cases, you can find a lot of usable components in scrap gold, and you can use it to make your homemade jewelry more valuable, attractive, and special.

Add It to Clothing and Accessories

You might have never thought about adding gold pieces to the clothing and accessories that you make, but this can be a great way to give your homemade pieces a special look. For example, if you're looking for a cute accent to add to a new sweater that you just knitted, consider adding a gold trinket. If you want to dress up a handbag or belt that you are decorating, you can add gold accents. Soon, your homemade clothing and accessories might rival some of the nicest things that you have seen in local stores.

Add It to Soap or Candles

If you want to add a special surprise inside a homemade soap bar or candle, consider putting a small gold trinket somewhere in the middle. Then, as the soap is used or as the candle burns away, you or the person who is using the item can enjoy a special surprise.

As you can see, if you have never used scrap gold in your crafting projects, you are really missing out on a way to make those projects really special. Try one or more of the ideas above, and consider buying scrap gold pieces or flakes so that you can experiment with other fun crafting ideas.


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