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3 Tips For The Successful Application Of Large Window Graphics

Keith Hunt

Removable graphics are being used for everything from store signage to craft decorations. These graphics can provide a colorful image without creating a permanent mark on your window or decorative glass pane.

Applying large window graphics can be a challenge, but there are some simple tips and tricks you can use to help ensure your graphic goes on quickly and efficiently.

1. Start With a Thorough Cleaning

The first step to a successful window graphic application is starting with a clean glass surface. You should use a good glass cleaning product to eliminate any grease, oil, or other contaminants from the surface of the glass.

Once the cleaning product is wiped away, use a lint-free cloth to get rid of any dust or fiber particles left behind. When the glass surface you are working with is completely clean, your graphic will be able to obtain maximum adhesion.

2. Use an Application Fluid

It can be extremely difficult to apply a removable graphic decal to a dry pane of glass. You should always use an application fluid to help make the process as stress-free as possible.

Try mixing a drop or two of liquid dish soap into a spray bottle filled with water, then spritzing the area where you want the graphic to be displayed. The soap will prevent the adhesive on the graphic from sticking to the glass, which will allow you to smooth out the graphic without trapping any air bubbles between the graphic and the glass.

You will also be able to slide the graphic across the surface of the glass to make minor adjustments in the positioning of the decal.

3. Use a Squeegee

Once you have removed the paper backing from your image and positioned your graphic in the right location, you will need a squeegee to complete the application process. Start in the middle, then work your way outward to push any trapped moisture or air out from under the window graphic.

Repeat the squeegee process as many times as needed until your removable graphic is completely smooth and there are no visible wrinkles or bubbles. A smaller squeegee works best, since you can maneuver the small tool to achieve the desired result.

Window graphics can make decoration and design easy. When you prepare the glass surface, use an application fluid, and smooth the graphic with a squeegee, you can ensure your removable decal looks as great as you imagined it would. Have other questions about removable window graphics? Try visiting websites like DCM Inc. to learn more.


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