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Use These Simple Strategies To Keep Your Model Train Display Clean

Keith Hunt

If you're new to the world of model trains, you'll enjoy the meticulous process of setting up lengths of track, buildings, and, of course, the train cars themselves. If you're fortunate enough to have space that allows you to leave your model train gear set up, you'll eventually have to contend with the issue of dust. While placing a sheet over the display and keeping the room vacuumed regularly can limit the amount of dust that ends up on your display, there will still be dust to contend with. Here are some simple strategies that you can use to dust your display without causing any damage.

Vacuum Where You Can

If your vacuum has an narrow attachment, you can carefully use it to remove dust from open areas of your display, provided that you can easily reach the model train table with the vacuum wand. With a steady hand, vacuuming can work around the perimeter of your train table and in certain open spots in the middle of the display, but you'll need to fine-tune your approach for areas that are a little more delicate.

Rely On Compressed Air

A can of compressed air, like you might buy to clean the inside of your computer CPU, is a valuable tool for dealing with dust on your model train table. Affix the straw to the can's dispenser to allow the air to come out in a fine stream, and then position the end of the straw a few inches away from where you wish to clean. Press lightly on the can's button; if you haven't previously used compressed air, you may be surprised at how quickly the air comes out. Adjust your pressure on the button, as required, as well as the distance between the display and the tip of the straw. Try to position your angle so that you're blowing the air away from the table, rather than toward the center of it.

Use Cotton Swabs

For areas around the display in which the dust is stubborn, you can use a cotton swab to carefully lift the dust. This is especially useful in areas that have a bit of oil or grease from the trains with dust mixed in. Dip the tip of your cotton swab into some rubbing alcohol, and then gently rub the affected area to lift the dust. Change the cotton swab when it becomes dirty and repeat this process as many times as necessary to lift away the dusty area. For more info on model trains, contact a company like Ann's Hobby Center.


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