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Hosting A Baby Shower And Want To Do A Nursery Craft? What To Consider

Keith Hunt

If you are throwing a baby shower and you want to include a craft that will go in the baby's room at the shower that all the guests can participate in, there are a lot of great options to consider. You can get a variety of pieces or items that will match what the parents want as the nursery décor, but that will still be something that the guests can put their own touch on. Here are a few options to order and try on the day of the party.

Alphabet Letter Cutouts

Letters in different shapes and sizes can create a cute alphabet to go around the room for the baby, and you can easily have everyone paint one of these wood items at the baby shower. You'll want to make sure that you have the paint colors picked out perfectly to match the décor. You can have the letters of the baby's name in a stand out color if you know what the name will be or do something similar to create a special message.

Animal Wood Cutouts

Is the nursery going to be decorated with any type of animals, like jungle species, butterflies or insects, dinosaurs or anything else? If so, you can get the unfinished wood cutouts of these animals and let the guests paint the wood figures that will hang on the walls or go on the shelves. These are easy to find in different shapes and sizes, so you can get a good variety.

Canvas Designs

Do the parents like the look of canvas art? Ask them to pick out some of their favorite designs and colors, and then you can have the guests make murals or pictures on the canvases. You can even have designs or patterns traced on the canvas pieces before the guests arrive, and then they just have to fill in the space.

Painting unfinished picture frames, wood shelving or book holders and other items is a great way to give the parents pieces for the baby's nursery that are personalized and not just mass produced from a store. Talk with the parents to see what different items they have or are considering registering for so you can make sure you get items that will fit with the décor in the room. The unfinished wood pieces, a blank canvas, or other items and paint are all you need for a fun and crafty baby shower. 

For more information on wood cutouts and craft ideas, contact craft businesses and companies, such as Diverse Woodworking LLC.


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