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Tips for Painting Glass

Keith Hunt

Decorating glass with paint allows you to create works of art and customized gifts. You can make personalized wineglasses for a party, for instance, or you can create a pretty painted vase to put flowers in. Painting can also be used to embellish mugs, plates, bowls, or really anything made of glass. The following tips will help you pull it off successfully so the art you create is made to last.

Tip #1: Choose the right paint

Not all paint is created equal. Purchase enamel paint that is specifically made for painting on glass and that is considered food safe. Some glass paints can even be used in the dishwasher, so make sure to read the label to find the paint with the features you want.

Tip #2: Start with a clean slate

All glassware must be washed before you begin, even if it looks clean. Dust or oils from your skin can cause the paint to adhere poorly, so wash the glass with soapy water, rinse, then thoroughly dry. Also, make sure your hands are clean when you hold the glass as you paint.

Tip #3: Use stencils

If you aren't an artist or just aren't comfortable freehanding your design, purchase some stencils to use. You can even get blank plastic stencil material if you want to cut out a stencil in your own design. This is especially helpful if you want a uniform design to appear on several pieces of glassware. Another option is to print a pattern on paper and then tape it to the inside of the glass so you can trace it with the paint. You can also use masking tape to mark off designs, such as stripes or chevrons.

Tip #4: Get the right tools

Paintbrushes are perfect for detailed work; make sure to have a fine brush and one that is slightly thicker. Natural bristles that lay evenly are better than plastic bristles, which easily bend and leave stray marks. Foam daubers are also handy—a large dauber and a small dauber are perfect for making different sizes of dots.

Tip #5: Cure fully

Curing methods vary depending on brand, but as a general rule, allow the paint to dry for at least 24 hours before handling the glass to make sure it is no longer tacky. Some glass paints simply require air drying for a requisite amount of time that is listed on the labels. Others can be cured in the oven at low temperatures, and if this is the case, these instructions will also be listed on the paint label.

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